We are a brand focusing on improving people’s lives.

We offer modern, stylish and innovative home products that will gather family and friends for happy moments by offering products and services to improve people’s lives through enhanced functionalities



The creation of KITH’s Logo was inspired by the character ‘ ‘ from the Chinese saying – 家和万事兴 which translate as “Family Harmony Is The Key To Happiness at Home.”

We believe that Home is a place of Joy.

A place to return to – that always welcomes you, no matter how long you stayed away A place where the people that knows you best and accept you as you are
A home is our protection, our shield, our happiness
We live there, we laugh there
Our place where happiness breeds
Where moments of joy set the standard of living

– Meaning to prosper and flourish

Here at KITH, we are ...


We are a joyful company, determined to spread positive vibes and energy throughout all our communications. We are happy people.


We like to have fun and tease. It does not make us any less serious!


We are a Singaporean company, and now about the Singaporean lifestyle: How apartments are thought, what people like to eat, what are the habits at home and so on – We keep this in mind when coming up with new products.

Colloquial language is embedded in or marketing messages.

Simple & Clear

“It’s so easy” should be what anyone experiencing the Kith customer journey should say: from getting information, making a purchase, getting delivered, using the product and get it repaired if an issue arises.