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What makes KITH Smokeless Grill different from Conventional Indoor Grill?

Our KITH Smokeless Grill does not emit any smoke which makes your meal healthier, safer and offers an enjoyable atmosphere to the surroundings as compared to Conventional Indoor Grill.

Why healthier? Read more about it under our Article section, titled “Carcinogens in BBQ smoke absorbed more by skin than lungs”

Is there a difference between SBG-KC-B1 and SBG-TC-B1 models?

There are 2 only differences which are the Control Panel and Temperature Variation – other than that, everything else is the same.

SBG-TC-B1 comes with a Touch control panel, whereas SBG-KC-B1 is Knob/Analogue control version.

SBG-TC-B1 has better control over the heat as compared to SBG-KC-B1. This is because SBG-TC-B1 has 6 temperature variation ranging from 80°C to 280°C with 40°C intervals, while SBG-KC-B1 only have 2 available temperature settings that are 150°C and 280°C.

Is there a temperature guide on cooking meats?

You will need to get a meat thermometer to find out the temperature in the centre of the meat to ensure that the internal temperature is high enough to safely consume.Please refer to the below standard Internal Temperature Guide.

Note: Times may vary depending on cooking preference. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, or seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness. *To reduce the risk, cook your food to USDA-safe temperatures.

Tips :

• Push the thermometer tip into the thickest part of the meat

• Make sure you avoid bones and fat.

• For thick meats, we recommended sticking the thermometer at least two inches into the meat

• For thin meats like steak, pork chops, and boneless chicken breast, you need to insert the thermometer into the side of the meat.

What is special about KITH Far Infrared Heating Technology?

Our grills are equipped with patented technology that is specially created to produce strong yet gentle which penetrates and cooks food effectively while preserving the nutrients, flavours and juices.

Hot coils are wrapped over the infrared source so heat is transferred evenly and gently to the food while retaining nutrients, flavours and juices. Heats up almost instantaneously and can react very quickly to changes therefore heat can be well controlled so food doesn't get burnt easily.

This technology heats directly to food surfaces rather than transmitted through the air like conventional heating, thus saving tons of energy making it highly energy-efficient. Infrared technology is used in many food manufacturing processes, such as drying, heaters, antioxidant recovery, sterilisation of grains, roasting & cooking food, etc.

Is Far Infrared heating safe?

It is not dangerous to health - in fact, it is much healthier as it does not destroy the nutrients but rather preserves them instead.

Although Infrared lights are often compared to the “heat of the sun”, they don't emit ultraviolet (UV). Ultraviolet is on the “high energy” side of the Electromagnetic spectrum, associated with the harmful effects of exposure to the sun. Far Infrared is on the “low energy” at the opposite side of the spectrum which does not have any of the harmful characteristics of Ultraviolet.

It is safe and natural for our bodies to accept and emit infrared. Far infrared, the gentlest form of infrared, is often used in incubators for babies. It is UV that is harmful, not infrared.

How do I clean the inside of the heating area at the top? Can I remove the metal guard?

For safety reasons, we advise customers to wipe the metal guard with a warm damp cloth.

As the heating element is made with glass, we don’t recommend customers remove the metal guard to clean the heating element. The metal guard serves as a protection to the heating element because any cracks may cause harm to you or cause the unit to malfunction.

The oil splatter will not affect the heating performance of the grill, best to wipe the area down with a damp cloth. Please ensure that the unit is completely cooled down before you clean it.

Why do I still hear a fan noise coming out from my unit after I’ve done grilling?

It is completely normal. During grilling, the grill fan will help to circulate the air around the food to provide even heating. After using (turning off the timer or timer lapsed), your unit will enter into Cooldown Mode where the fan will continue to run for 8 minutes to cool down the unit.

During this stage, avoid cleaning and turning off the Power Switch. Only switch off your unit completely when you don’t hear the fan noise.

Are the grill pan and oil collection tray dishwasher safe?

Yes, they are dishwasher safe!

My user manual is missing! What should I do?

Don’t worry! Head over to the respective product page and download their user manual.

How do I clean it? Is it hard to clean?

It is easy to clean and maintain.

      • Grill Pan
        Remove the grill pan from the unit by just lifting upwards, and wash with your everyday dishwashing liquid with a soft sponge (non-abrasive). Alternatively, you can throw it into the dishwasher if you have one.
      • Oil Collection Tray
        Located at the bottom of the unit. To remove it, slide it out like a drawer and detached it from the unit. Again, wash with your dishwashing liquid with a soft sponge or throw it into a dishwasher.

      • Oil Tunnel to Oil Tray
        Wipe down with a warm damp cloth with a bit of dishwashing liquid. The area can be seen when you lift the grill pan from the unit, quite visible immediately as soon as you remove the pan.

      • Lid & Heating Element
        That area contains glass material and a grill that serves as protection to the glass. For safety reasons, just wipe it down with a warm wet cloth and avoid removing the grill.

      • Body
        Just wipe down with a warm damp cloth will do. Do not immerse and wash the whole unit under running water.

        Please make sure that the unit is completely cooled down before you clean it.