Carcinogens in BBQ smoke absorbed more by skin than lungs.

If you don’t already know, smoke and fumes produced by BBQ foods contain a high level of Polycyclic Aromatic
Hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are known to cause respiratory disease and lung cancer.

Many are well aware that breathing in the fumes of a BBQ can have negative consequences for our health.
Contrary to popular belief, PAH absorption through the skin may actually be worse than inhalation, which has
mostly been overlooked. Based on recent studies conducted by a group of researchers where they run tests to
measure exactly how much PAH absorbs through the skin of someone at a BBQ.

The test was conducted over 20 groups of people barbecuing and concluded that skin proved to be the
dominant exposure route to the carcinogenic elements in barbecue smoke, known as small polycyclic aromatic
hydrocarbons. Researchers believed that oils produced may have eased the passage of PAHs through the skin.

The result was published in the Journal of Environmental Science & Technology.

Do you know that foods cooked with our KITH Smokeless Grill are healthier and safer to consume?

Why is that so? And, how does it differ from Conventional Indoor Grill?

KITH Smokeless Grill heat source comes directly from the top, whereas Conventional Indoor Grill heat is
located at the bottom.

As meat or fish cooks over a Conventional Grill, fat drips down to the heating element and burns. Burning fat
produces smoke containing carcinogenic compounds called PAHs which can be dangerous to health when
inhaled. The smoke particles emitted will then coat the food that is being cooked over the grill, making it a
health hazard to consumers.

For KITH Smokeless Grill, those fat drips down do not get burnt, but rather collects at the bottom which makes
it healthier and safer to consume. With no burning of fats, KITH Smokeless Grill – true to its name, does not
emit any smoke making the meal healthier, safer and offers an enjoyable atmosphere to the surrounding.

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