Improving Lives of Singaporeans

We wait for Fridays, for holidays, for next year: why not enjoy today?

Singapore is ranked as the second most overworked city in the world. We clearly don’t spend
enough time with our families and friends. At KITH, we believe it is time for Singaporeans to come
together and enjoy even the simplest moments. Family time is every day, not only on vacations.
Spending time, together, has been scientifically proven to improve health, both physical and mental.

Under the brand Casa, a leading distributor of home appliances in Singapore, KITH started out with a
simple idea: How can we participate in improving lives?

We want to transform everyday activities into moments of joy.

We want to offer you home products that will gather friends and family.

We want to bring appliances which are easy to use, reliable, and trendy.

This is why we envision modern, stylish and innovative home products that will gather family and
friends for happy moments.

KITH by Casa
Modern Home,
Joyful Moments

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